Charlie Schmidt and the Joint Chiefs

by Charlie Schmidt and the Joint Chiefs

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This album was a labor of love for the Joint Chiefs and our many collaborators. We're grateful to all the friends and musicians who contributed so much of their time and energy to make it as good as it is. Thanks to everyone and most of all to our fans for all their support.


released November 9, 2013

All songs written by Charlie Schmidt. Produced by Charlie Schmidt with assistance from Steve Drown and Bob Collwell. Songs 1,3,4,5,7,8, and 9 recorded at The Studio, Portland, ME. Engineer: Steve Drown. Songs 2,7, and 10 recorded at The Root Cellar, Hallowell, ME. Engineer: Bob Collwell. Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works, Cambridge, MA.



all rights reserved


Charlie Schmidt and the Joint Chiefs Portland, Maine

The Joint Chiefs have been rocking Portland Maine's music scene for over a decade, driving a musical freight train through kaleidoscopes of sound. Jan Van Voorst keeps the beat, Scott Elliot supplies bass, Ben Trout serves up mandolin, Brian Patrick pours on the electric guitar, Darren Whitney slays the sax & Charlie Schmidt keeps it all moving down the tracks. ... more

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Track Name: Virginia
I'm coming from Virginia
With an aching in my head
Fear inside my belly and I'm thinking about my bed
Thinking about my bed
You know the daylight's breaking
And my eyes can hardly see
And the river is unending
Out in front of me

I'll say goodbye to you
Say goodbye now my baby
What am I gonna do
Whoa now my love
Now that I'm making my way down

Oh my sweet Maria
Won't you lay your hands on me
I want to tell you a story
About your company
Because I'm coming from Virginia
With an aching in my heart
And a fear inside my belly
That's tearing me apart
Tearing me apart

I'll say goodbye to you
Say goodbye now my baby
What am I gonna do
Whoa now my love
Now that I'm taking my way down
Past the rails and shanty towns
Where the losses all come down
Down the line
Down the line
Track Name: A Light Too Bright to Miss
You know we're hiding pretty baby
In a light too bright to miss
Whatever isn't spoken
We conceal it with a kiss
It's getting hard to notice
What's out there in the rain
Not too much to look at
Behind this window pane

Just a little secret
We keep from day to day
Till something comes up different
In a whole new kind of way
I've got no bright idea
Don't have no master plan
Just a thousand things to tell you
That you might understand

Send a message
Out to the sun
You know that you're my
You're my only one
Only when it's true
But how am I making it up to you
Up to you

Coming up to midnight
Out there in the street
Is it my imagination
These hearts are in retreat
I've got no rhyme no reason
How can I make a stand
Can you tell me baby
Am I still your man

Track Name: New Moon
Ain't no mistaking
On a night like this
Every moment is taken
Up with some kind of bliss
Left my cares and my worries
Down the long end of the road
Don't you know we could make it good
While the warm winds blow

Because loneliness is everywhere
We're strangers by degrees
And everybody's looking for something
That's all plain to see
But now the starlights are shining
And there's a new moon, just above
So crawl inside this crazy dream my baby
We'll find a place called love


And if we take it down
Take it slow
Oh my pretty baby
How I want you so

You know the midnight madness
The moonlight jamboree
Don't you know that we're all just flowing
Down the banks on a river of dreams
And if the laws of the universe
Won't even jump-start your own little world
Lie with me under the stars tonight
And be my only girl

Track Name: Sundown While You Sleep
Hold up
Little dreamer
Sundown while you sleep
Oh now my little schemer
We've got promises to keep
We've got low notes
High hopes
Rainbows in the sky
We've got long nights
When it's alright
Just to let that river flow
And you're all done
And talked out
And I can almost let you go
I'll stay here, you know I'll be
Playing here all night
While the wind blows
And the moon glows
Down on that pillow
Where you lie

Hold up
Little dreamer
There's nowhere to go
Oh now, my little schemer
I'll tell you if you don't know
We got low notes
And high hopes
And catches on the fly
We've got long nights
When it's alright
Just to while the time away
And you're all done
And going slow
Waiting on another day
I'll stay here
I'll be playing all night long
Till the wind blows
And the train rolls
And that moon glow
Has come and gone
Track Name: My Little Town
Sat on a rooftop
Looked all around
The moon was high
Over my little town
Cars and street lamps
Just as far as the eye could see

Your kids were all playing
Out in the yard
Somebody saying
Don't you go too far
Climbing higher
To the wind up in the trees

But if you come around
Pieces of the sky come tumbling down
Don't you mind
Everything comes around in its own time

I wanted to tell you
Bout a dream that I had
You were here with me
And I was feeling so glad
Time had frozen
Nowhere else for us to be
Track Name: It's All True
It's all true
Everything you said
And every line that you read
No wrong
But it's not going to be the same now that you're gone
I could take it back
But that would be a lie
Not like it was
When we said goodbye

It's all true
Just the way it came around
First you're up
Then you're going down, down, down
Just like that
You turn a line and the line ain't turning back
Up all night just to replay every word
But I don't know what I said
Or what you heard
But it was all true

And if I let you down
My heart had hit the ground
And I couldn't let you stay
In my side of town
But can you wish me well
And don't lose what we found
Just let it come around

It's alright, what I feel today
Changes coming anyway
Right now, there's only traces [of you] left here anyhow
I could take it back, but that would be a lie
Not like it was
When we said goodbye
Because it was all true
Track Name: Anyone Who You Wanted
Gonna sit back on my bones
Feel the heat on my face
Watching a spark fly
Like a star out in space

Ain't the sky deep an wide
There's no room to stray
Don't think I didn't notice
What you wanted to say

Keep a light on in your room
Well you know that I'll be there soon
It's taking such a long time
Taking such a long time

Back on parade
No-one keeping score
Anyone who you wanted
I could have wanted you more

But aint' the sky deep and wide
Too much room to stray
Don't think I didn't notice
What you wanted to say.
Track Name: You Love Everybody
It's a comic
He loves her, but
She loves me
And I love you, but
You love everybody

He waits for her
Inside a dream
She's by the window but all she can see is me
Watching you
From across the street
Cuz I love you but you love everybody

We can make it
This ain't nothing new
One part lover and three parts lovestruck fools

He writes a poem
Signs a letter
He buys a rose and then
One better
She doesn't notice and
He doesn't see
That I love you but
You love everybody

We can make it
Not much here to lose
One part lover and three parts love struck fools
Track Name: Face in the Window
Five miles down the turnpike from New York
It's all downhill from here
On a black-top, under cover of midnight
Till the clouds all dissappear

There's a ticker-tape, down Main Street
And a fire alarm uptown
Don't you wonder where, the money all goes
When the big man comes around

There's a full mooon, on the river
And a crowd down on the shore
And a face in the window
Thinking he won't
Come around here no more

Five years undercover in Memphis
Had to learn to keep my head down
Looking up, in the eyes of a stranger
From a hole down in the ground

But now the days roll on
You might feel alright
Maybe wonder how, but no-body knows
What is true, man
Or a lie
Track Name: Redemption City
Look up now the sky is clearing
There's a red light in a ball
Another day is coming around
And there's sunshine down the hall

You've been living down the line but meantime
It's never gonna be like home
You know that baby I'm waiting
So won't you call me on the telephone

Send me your sweet love
Your sweet love

Jamie came down here this morning
Saying hello but she could not stay
Now she's looking for a little redemption
Another take on a different day

But the flowers are blooming on Lin Street
The daylight is coming around
And I don't wanna hear about
All the trouble that she's putting down

Send me your sweet love
Your sweet love
Cuz all I fee right now is sweet duress
I hardly know my name but I do I guess